About Well Fit Mama

Well-Fit Mama is a community and podcast platform for women to live well, love fitness and embrace motherhood or somewhere in between.

Founded in 2019 by Autumn and Jewel – two New York City mamas who while seeking to maintain a sense of self fell in love with maintaining a well-fit lifestyle.

Both Autumn and Jewel have their own personal stories and connections dealing with living a lifestyle that includes both wellness and fitness and as mothers want to embrace and encourage other women to embark on their own journeys.

Health and wellness is not just physical it an emotional mental and spiritual journey as well. We want women to prioritize themselves and carve out time for self-love daily.


About Autumn

Autumn Colon is a wife and mom of 2 from New York City. She is the founder of shesawreck.com a Motherhood & Women’s Wellness platform where she shares her “always real and never perfect” millennial mom lifestyle and her passion for loving self, wellness and fitness based in Brooklyn, NY.

She’s A Wreck is a short slogan for She’s A Woman, Rediscovering Embracing Change & Knowledge because it was through these actions Autumn was able to embark on a journey to inspire and uplift others. While on this journey Autumn was diagnosed with IBS ; a digestive system condition that attacks the large intestine. Because of this Autumn developed a love for food, nutrition & health as a way of healing herself from the inside out. She has transformed her lifestyle in many ways and is excited to be able to share with others.

Because of this platform Autumn has also been able to co found and launch a successful health and wellness community and podcast aptly titled “Well Fit Mama”, where she encourages women like you to live well, love fitness and embrace motherhood.

About Jewel

Jewel Gibson is a Brooklynite, married to her college sweetheart and the mother of two handsome boys, Khristian 13, and Ayden 3, who keep me on my toes. She is also the creator of Life’sAJewel.com which serves as a motherhood and lifestyle guide committed to inspiring women to live healthier lives, experience fulfilling relationships and conquer parenthood fashionably. It is mommyhood info,  mixed with a little fashion, food, and a sprinkle of relationship tea.  A dose of my day-to-day challenges navigating a seizure disorder.

Although Life’s A Jewel is about her lifestyle as a whole. She continued to use the hashtag #liveoutloud when she rebranded her content. The phrase liveoutloud is used to describe people conquering this seizure thing every day. To help people find encouragement and strength as they struggle with the daily challenges of Epilepsy/ seizures. I want to help them find resources and their next steps in this journey.

Jewel hopes that her platform continues to promote awareness within our communities. She wants people to know that it is important we educate, empower & encourage those whose lives have been affected by Epilepsy and other Seizure Disorders. Encourage a movement that helps fund research, advocate for awareness, and gives back to our communities.